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I want to make a statement about our current monetary policy, the job markets, the future of job demands, and where needs are in the marketplace

I was told yesterday by someone with more experience than me that "technology does not improve customer experience." I could not disagree more, here is why.

When technology creates more time for human capital, this is what can improve customer experience. Employees having time to focus and not live fast-paced like the world demands is very important. Giving our team members time to think critically is key for future growth and success.

Time is our most valuable asset. Time is often hard to quantify due to the fact that time can only be best measured by technology, typically.

Time is often stripped of an individual in the workforce due to "processes, red tape, or bureaucracy" as one of my colleagues put it.

The reason individuals need freedom not only in government, our daily jobs, and our home lives is that independent thought, creativity, and the personal process is EXACTLY what creates innovation.



In March of 2020 I learned about and the story of Duncan and Griffin Cock Fosters start up and immediately was st

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If you are wondering why you should consider owning some exposure to Bitcoin in your 401k or IRA, I have a good reason to share... I want to show you one screenshot. Below is a screenshot of our Federal Reserve's Balance Sheet. (source:


I have had rentals for 2 years now. We recently sold our Fort Collins single family rental and we still have one rental in Pensacola Florida, where my family lives. These two properties have taught me a lot about how to analyze a deal, how depreciation works, how to build passive income streams, and the tax benefits of real estate.There was one conversation that made me consider if single family rentals were long term what was meant for me.

A couple of years ago I was speaking with one of my clients about what their day job was, this gentlemen flew drones for a living and I knew the revenue from this side hustle was not his main income stream, so I had to ask. He told me that he worked for a real estate syndication company. I had never heard this term so I asked him what it means. He broke it down simply and said that, rather than buying 1 apartment for say $100,000 and renting it out, his company would buy 150-200 at a time and get them for $60,000 a piece and rent them out. That triggered it for me and I understood at that point the economies of scale that multifamily...


Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency. Bitcoin being decentralized means you do not need a 3rd party like a bank to store or hold your money. The Bitcoin network is a peer to peer technology that is open source and designed by the public, this means that no one owns or controls Bitcoin and everyone can take part in the network. Why is this important? With a classic currency like the US Dollar, trust is required for the currency to work. An individual must trust the bank to store their funds. Individuals must trust that during a transaction the dollars they are receiving are real. We also must trust that the central bank will not print so much money that currency loses its value. When trust is broken systems break. Bitcoin minimizes the trust required and has some incredible benefits:

  • Anyone can use it worldwide 24/7
  • No ID required, which can help the 1.7 billion unbanked in the world.
  • No one can block or stop transactions (Like Visa or MasterCard can)
  • Transactions are irreversible


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Ok, I just wanted to take 10 minutes and make this SUPER easy for you all. If you are not sure where to start here are 7 easy ways to easily earn bitcoin. You don't have to start purchasing, get some for free and learn more!


1. Fold - One of my favorite apps for my phone to earn bitcoin is the Fold app. The reason I love Fold is because I get 1.5%-20% back on all gift card purchases in bitcoin. If you shop at Amazon, Nike, or Chipotle among MANY other vendors. I have personally already saved over $250 within a few months! You can Register and Join Fold Here and get 30,000 SATS for Free!

2. At Blockfi I get the most earnings, what I love about Blockfi is that they pay out up to 8.6% yearly on deposits of cryptocurrency. Blockfi is a high interest yield savings account for me where I earn compound interest on my crypto. You can deposit Bitcoin (btc), Ethereum (eth), Litecoin (ltc), USD Coin (USDC) and Gemini Dollar (GUSD). Next you elect to...

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When I learned about and their goal of getting 1 billion people collecting nifties I was taken back by such an ostentatious goal. As a Bitcoin and Ethereum holder since 2017 and growing up being an avid collector of Baseball Cards, Pokemon Cards, and Nintendo Games I had to learn more. They had my attention.

If you are thinking "WTF is a NIFTY?" A Nifty is an non-fungible token (NFT).

  • An example of something that is fungible is a $1 bill, if you lend someone $1, you do not care if you get the same $1 bill back.
  • An example of something that is non-fungible would be an original painting. If the same artist painted a second painting, this would not be the same as the first painting as they are each unique.

Nifties are a cryptographic token that represents something scarce and unique. Digital scarcity is what makes Nifty's valuable, just like physical scarcity makes gold or an original painting valuable within the global marketplace. Nifties make it...