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Learn from my experience with single family rentals and commercial syndications/funds

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3 decades of experience distilled into easy to read and relatable content. This is the W-2, lets go.

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Bitcoin and blockchain technology is radically changing many industries and many more to come. Learn more!

My passion, purpose, and intention

Since 1st grade my father taught me how to be fearless in my pursuits, as well as the impact an intentional effort will have on my own life and those around me. Work smart, focus, and you will be on your path to success. It starts with daily habits.

My desire for you, whether you are 16 or 46 is to encourage and help you on your journey to find purpose, meaning, financial freedom, and success in your endevours! Life is too short to waste, change someones life today.



Austrian or Keynesian? What the hell is going on and what is important to know? This is by far one of the coolest topics.

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Once a week, I release a video touching on crypto, economics, real estate and other focuses

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