About Me

My purpose and past

My passion over the last half-decade has been financial freedom and earning passive income through Bitcoin and Real Estate Investing. 

I have spent thousands of hours, and hundreds of thousands of dollars going through the learning curve as it relates to Bitcoin and Real Estate investing (residential and commercial).

My excitement and passion to make esoteric knowledge simple and easy to understand for newbies is why I am here!

It starts with my roots, the parents who raised me. I was born in Gulf Port, Mississippi and raised in the Southeast throughout Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and Florida. My parents were shoe salespeople when they met. My mother was offered a job as an Assistant Manager at Wal-mart around the time I was born, she had a heart to raise us kids so she actually rejected the offer and my father started as an hourly employee and with a work ethic that helped define the man I am, got him the manager position and led our family to moving all over the Southeast as my father revitalized stores into hitting new heights. He is an incredible leader.

This leads us to my first experience in sales and the impact my father had on me :slight_smile: In 1st grade, our school had a gift wrap holiday sale. My dad used this as an opportunity to teach me that with every 100 no’s you will get a yes. (I knew what conversion rates were before that way a term, HA) It was an incredible memory. My dad saw the value in me learning how to sell something, and I found incredible energy in doing so.

On the 100th door I came running back to my dad in excitement, he thought I landed my FIRST SALE! I had not, but I told him “Dad I got 100 no’s the next one will be a yes!”. This is what I think of as the modern saying “fail forward” – and I found my success that year and was the #1 salesperson in the entire school in total volume of sales.

At age of 11 I started my first lawn care business. It look knocking on 600+ doors and I had on average 18-20 lawns each summer! Some clients allowed me to take care of their lawn for 3+ years. Charging $30~ per mow and $10-15~ per edge, I was able to save, invest, and pay bills at an early age. Something they don’t teach in school! I actually made more hourly than most Wal-mart hourly workers at that time. This lead me into a deep 25+ year passion for sales, marketing and a development for business acumen. My deep fervor for sales and growing brands has been on fire since.

Post college I started working at a Technology Company, Marketing 360. Over the last 7 years I have been blessed to lead a team of 40+ hardworking people and grow multiple business. Milestones such as scaling a small business to $15,000,000+ in yearly revenue as well as helping family businesses scale from 2 to 10+ employees, while overseeing millions of dollars of budgets.

In 2021, I left my multiple 6 figure job to jump into working in the Bitcoin space. I joined voltage.cloud as the VP of Marketing. Our team builds infrastructure for Bitcoin and the Lightning Network. Think of it like the AWS of Bitcoin. We make it possible for developers, corporations and brands to scale their business so that they can build Web 4.0. It is the most exciting technology being made in the world right now in my humble opinion. 

My story is a true mix of entrepreneurship, leadership, learning to be smart with money, and keeping a student mindset in all aspects of life.

My goal and purpose is to help entrepreneurs, investors, and early stage thinkers. If I can help you achieve your goals faster, with less mistakes and better decision making, I will have exceeded doing my job.

Dang, thanks for scrolling!

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