Testing ChatGPT for content creation

This was fun. I asked the playground to write a 5 paragraph essay for me on commercial real estate. Next, I asked for more details and facts. Specifically from Marcus and Millichap. ChatGPT struggled to get me a live link that worked, both of these redirected to research pages, but i still was able to […]

Bobby Shell on High Income Earners F.I.R.E Podcast

Bobby was a guest on the High Income Earners F.I.R.E Podcast. He discusses Bitcoin and Real Estate as ideal investment vehicle. PODCAST: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/ep22-bitcoin-real-estate-crossover-a-fire/id1623273965?i=1000581524477 YouTube Link:

How to schedule, call, text, and monetize content as a Bitcoin Only Creator

There are some awesome tools available right now that allow you to operate your business on a Bitcoin standard. In this post I am going to help users understand how to: Schedule meetings with LNCal so that anyone can pay in Bitcoin to schedule a meeting with you. Execute phone calls or text messages with […]