How can I start mining Bitcoins?

There is often a thought that Bitcoin is too expensive, this is not true, as I explained before. This leads some users to want to start Bitcoin mining. While you can do this at home, you will almost with complete certainty not be profitable doing this at home. Rather than going into the deep reasons […]

What coin will overtake Bitcoin

what coin will take over bitcoin

Every month it seems there is a new hot project that is promising to be faster, to be more stable, to operate better as money. There is no shortage of promises from developers or venture capitalists who want to attempt at displacing Bitcoin as the greatest form of money on earth. I want to tell […]

How to kill debt, create a vision, and stack sats (short term pain)

Bitcoin the solution

Yo, so this blog isn’t at all optimized for Google to help new Bitcoiners answer common questions like I’ve been doing. This is some real talk from the heart. I have a hand full of friends I have orange pilled over the last couple of years, and many of them have had to sell their […]

What is the minimum investment you can make in Bitcoin?

This is a great question. Many people are under the impression that Bitcoin is too expensive, or not affordable. There is a belief that $10 or $20 purchases in Bitcoin are not good or not enough. Believe it or not, those small purchases add up in an incredible way over time. If you set consistent […]

When does Bitcoin stop mining?

when does bitcoin stop mining

Recently I covered when Bitcoin halves, and how the block subsidy breaks down over the next 119 years or so until all Bitcoin has been mined. Every 10 minutes a new Bitcoin block is created which contains new Bitcoin. We will hit a threshold where all 21 million Bitcoin is mined in 2140. Bitcoin has […]

What will Bitcoin be worth in the future?

what will bitcoin be worth in the future

Everyone wishes they had a crystal ball and knew what the future value of Bitcoin will be. Absolutely no one can promise or tell you exactly what Bitcoin will be worth at any time. What we can do is look at the shifts in the market, how other assets are doing, and models that people […]

9 Ways How You Can Earn Bitcoin Fast

how to earn bitcoin fast

I am going to give you 9 different ways in which you can earn bitcoin daily. Watch the video, or scroll below to read! Everyone wants to earn Bitcoin fast. There are some risky ways and some slow and steady easy ways to earn. Fast is relative. Does fast mean, earning Bitcoin daily? Or does […]

How many satoshis are in a Bitcoin?

how many satoshis are in a bitcoin?

A satoshi is the smallest unit or denomination of a Bitcoin. The name comes from the creator Satoshi Nakamoto. There are a total of 100 million satoshis within 1 Bitcoin. You can see how many satoshis (sats) a dollar can afford with this cool website: One satoshi is represented like this 0.00000001 bitcoin. The […]