Bitcoin Fixes This #122 w/ Jimmy Song, Parker Lewis, and Bobby Shell

I had the opportunity to speak with Jimmy Song and Parker Lewis about Small Businesses and #Bitcoin – This was a great conversion. The importance of small business ownership and Bitcoin ownership in America is more important than ever. Available on YouTube, Spotify, X and Apple Podcasts. Youtube: Spotify: Apple Podcasts: X: […]

Bobby Shell on Practical Liberty Podcast

In January 2024 I was on the Practical Liberty Podcast. I shared why Bitcoin is so powerful for local entrepreneurs and why SMB’s should consider Bitcoin. Also why entrepreneurshi is a key path towards keeping our communities local and creating a thriving future for our children Youtube: Rumble: Apple:¬†

Understanding Parkinson’s Law: The Hidden Trap in Business Efficiency

Parkinson’s Law: you may have heard this term and today we break down what it means. Parkinson’s Law is the concept that work expands to fill the time and resources available for its completion. In the business context, it’s an invisible adversary that breeds bureaucracy and stifles innovation. At its core, Parkinson’s Law operates on […]

The Path to Success: Acquisition Entrepreneurship

Have you ever thought about starting your own business? The idea of becoming an entrepreneur may seem daunting, but there’s a lesser-known career path called acquisition entrepreneurship that could be a perfect fit, especially if you have a knack for operations. In this blog, we’ll explore why acquiring a small business through acquisition entrepreneurship can […]