Bobby Shell on High Income Earners F.I.R.E Podcast

Bobby was a guest on the High Income Earners F.I.R.E Podcast. He discusses Bitcoin and Real Estate as ideal investment vehicle. PODCAST: YouTube Link:

Bobby Shell on Engineering Passive Income Podcast

LISTEN: Excerpts: “The world should never be perfectly fair in outcome because everyone’s gonna earn based on the effort they put in you’ve actually obviously busted your ass and built an incredible business as have I. Why should the guy laying on the couch eating Cheetos and get the same outcome? So the outcome […]

What does passive income mean?

What is passive income

Passive income is earned in a way where little or no effort is required. Passive income could be made through a rental property, a limited partnership deal, royalties, or other business venture which requires little or no effort. The benefit of passive income streams is the hands-off approach. No active management is required so you […]

Becoming a Limited Partner (LP) in Syndication’s – My Story

limited partner in real estate syndication

Becoming a Limited Partner (LP) in Syndication’s – My Story In November of 2016 I bought my first home. It was a leap I knew would be smart to help me find financial freedom long term. My wife, (then girlfriend) also bought her first home within 3 days of my purchase. We each had our […]

Why I am investing in Real Estate Syndications

Real Estate Syndications

I have had rentals for 2 years now. We recently sold our Fort Collins single family rental and we still have one rental in Pensacola Florida, where my family lives. These two properties have taught me a lot about how to analyze a deal, how depreciation works, how to build passive income streams, and the […]