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The Road to Cash Flow

Single Family, Multifamily, Mobile Home Parks

In 2016 my wife and I each bought our own first home. Upon getting married in 2018 we turned my wife’s place into a rental. We quickly learned the power of cash flow. In 2019 we got a second rental. Come 2020 we realized through some tough lessons learned over the last few years we wanted to move a % of our portfolio to multifamily, mobile home parks, or storage units. Our goal is within 8 years to make enough from cash flow to not need our W-2. But let’s be honest, the goal is not to quit working, but to find financial freedom!

In May of 2020 we committed capital to some real estate syndication deals to take a more passive approach to investing. I look forward to sharing my due diligence process, what I have learned talking to 15+ syndications, and how I approach investing moving forward.

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