Bobby Shell on High Income Earners F.I.R.E Podcast

Bobby was a guest on the High Income Earners F.I.R.E Podcast. He discusses Bitcoin and Real Estate as ideal investment vehicle. PODCAST: YouTube Link:

Becoming a Limited Partner (LP) in Syndication’s – My Story

limited partner in real estate syndication

Becoming a Limited Partner (LP) in Syndication’s – My Story In November of 2016 I bought my first home. It was a leap I knew would be smart to help me find financial freedom long term. My wife, (then girlfriend) also bought her first home within 3 days of my purchase. We each had our […]

Why I am investing in Real Estate Syndications

Real Estate Syndications

I have had rentals for 2 years now. We recently sold our Fort Collins single family rental and we still have one rental in Pensacola Florida, where my family lives. These two properties have taught me a lot about how to analyze a deal, how depreciation works, how to build passive income streams, and the […]