What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin. Funny Money. Digital Money. Blockchain. What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer technology that allows individuals to send transactions without any central authority, bank, or 3rd party. Bitcoin has no CEO, no manager, and no leadership. Bitcoin is an open-source network; designed by anyone and everyone who wants to take part. No one owns […]

When does Bitcoin Half?

On May 11th of 2020 the most recent Bitcoin halving took place. On every halving date the total supply of Bitcoin being mined daily is cut in half. Moving forward, there are now less Bitcoin being mined, and less Bitcoin sold by miners to run their mining operations. Historically as adoption increases, and halving’s happen, […]

Bitcoin Trading for Beginners – Don’t Get REKT

beginner bitcoin trading, get wrecked trading bitcoin

Every market cycle (meaning when valuations of assets run and rally up and then correct downward) people think they can trade in and out of stocks, crypto’s or whatever asset, and make easy money! There is a tik tok culture of this over the last year now as well. This is a bold faced lie, […]

Becoming a Limited Partner (LP) in Syndication’s – My Story

limited partner in real estate syndication

Becoming a Limited Partner (LP) in Syndication’s – My Story In November of 2016 I bought my first home. It was a leap I knew would be smart to help me find financial freedom long term. My wife, (then girlfriend) also bought her first home within 3 days of my purchase. We each had our […]

Brandolini’s Law: bullshit asymmetry principle

Learning abut Brandolini’s Law was a valuable lesson for me this year. Shout out to American Hodl for sharing this in a clubhouse room. I was able to further read/learn and apply this internet adage to my own life and leverage it at work to overcome a challenging experience with a client. Quick story and […]

Step 1: Starting a side hustle & path to creating financial freedom

Let’s break down these 3 things one by one, and I will give you short-term solutions that will create the path to starting long-term financial freedom. I don’t have money to start This is the most common excuse. I have overcome this with a couple of simple approaches, use one or all to speed up […]

What is the best cryptocurrency to buy in 2021?

what is the best cryptocurrency to buy in 2021

One thing I noticed is page 1 of Google is loaded with terrible advice! Most of these blogs feel the need to recommend multiple cryptocurrencies. This skews people from the truth that Bitcoin is the only blockchain that matters. All of these shitcoins and tokens that people are creating will not last long term. Bitcoin […]

Can 1 Bitcoin make you a millionaire?

can bitcoin make me a millionaire

It is not surprising how many people want to get rich through owning, trading, or leveraging bitcoin. And asking if 1 bitcoin can make you a millionaire is a fair question. There is a tremendous amount of talk of bitcoin realistically hitting a $400,000 price per coin which would make it equal to gold’s market […]