9 Ways How You Can Earn Bitcoin Fast

I am going to give you 9 different ways in which you can earn bitcoin daily. Watch the video, or scroll below to read!

Everyone wants to earn Bitcoin fast. There are some risky ways and some slow and steady easy ways to earn. Fast is relative. Does fast mean, earning Bitcoin daily? Or does fast mean, earning a ton of Bitcoin in one swoop? Today I want to make it very clear how you can earn Bitcoin steadily over time with a few services I have used the last 2 years!

BE AWARE: There are tons of scammy sites out there that will ask you for your seed phrase or private keys. Do not ever give your seed phrase or private keys to anyone.

Apps where you can earn Bitcoin, daily.

Here are a couple of easy apps to start earning Bitcoin daily. I love Fold and Lolli because it let’s you earn satoshis daily just by spinning a wheel or clicking into the app once per day. You can also then earn more Bitcoin by using the rewards portion of the app when buying gift cards, or shopping online! I have personally earned thousands of dollars through these apps because I try to run every single purchase I have through these apps. Their teams are kind, responsive, and support if you ever need help

  • Fold App: Earn Bitcoin Rewards – Fold is my favorite Bitcoin earning app so far. Fold has a debit card where you earn Bitcoin daily by spinning their wheel, and you earn Bitcoin back on every single giftcard purchase. This includes brands like Amazon, Nike, Lowes, and more. I treat fold card like my bank account and I use their black card which has premier rewards and a premier Bitcoin reward wheel.
  • Lolli: Earn Bitcoin Shopping Online – Lolli has an app and a Chrome extension you can download. Daily you can login and earn satoshis by clicking their treasure box and can earn up to 100,000 sats. On Lolli’s app you will see hundreds of online shops where you can get rewards in bitcoin up to 17% (sometimes more) – I use this app EVERY single time I order dog food! It is the same price as the store, but I get about 4% back 🙂

MAJOR LIFE HACK ALERT : FOLD x LOLLI – stacking double the sats

If you buy from a Lolli-approved store, and then use your fold card to pay, you will get double sats back. I do this often and have earned upwards of 12% BACK! I did this when Bitcoin was below 10k, and now that 12% is worth about 38% off my prior purchase. I would definitely define that as earning Bitcoin fast.

Earning interest on Bitcoin daily

Before I share any of the below apps, I want to make one thing clear. Most of these applications do what is called “rehypothecation” which means they are lending out your Bitcoin so that you can earn yield. When you do this, there is a natural risk involved. I am not recommending you go out and do this, but this is a way you can earn Bitcoin daily. I will break down a few of the services below I have used over the last 2 years which have helped me earn Bitcoin daily with no work.

  • Ledn.io – this is my preferred platform now. I use Ledn for my Bitcoin savings and interest earning. I like Ledn because they have an incredible track record, and give me the capability to put my wife down as a beneficiary if I ever pass away. No other service offers this, yet.
  • Lend at Hodl Hodl – is a service I have not personally used. It is a peer to peer option and a bit more complex than the ones above. Preston Pysh has talked about this platform a good bit, and there are some youtube videos available where you can learn more. I plan to test this platform and other P2P platforms in the future as they get fleshed out more.

Earn Bitcoin by playing a game

I only played this for a bit and stopped, but for those of you who love to veg out and play games, you may enjoy checking out THNDR GAMES. You can earn bitcoin/satoshis by playing mobile games on your phone. For me this is a bit slow and i enjoy more passive and quick earning than playing games on my phone.

Earn Bitcoin through the Coinbase App (selling free shitcoins)

Join Coinbase – they have a cool feature where you can earn shitcoins by watching short videos. Anytime these shitcoins come out, I watch the videos, earn the $3-5 in about 5 minutes, then immediately sell it for Bitcoin. I do not like holding speculative shitcoins that Coinbase pumps and offers to people, but this is a super-easy way to earn more Bitcoin, and it is actually quite fast.

Affiliate Programs:

Another great way to earn more Bitcoin fast is through affiliate programs. Many of the links above are also my affiliate links for those services or brands that I use and enjoy. You can educate friends on these apps and often make $1-10 for friends signing up. Sometimes more. Affiliate marketing is a very lucrative business. Some popular youtube personalities with 300k+ followers I have seen make 30-40k monthly in affiliate marketing revenues! Pretty incredible and talk about fast money. Most Bitcoin affiliate marketing links are earned passively as well which is pretty awesome. If you register for the programs above that I shared, you can create your own affiliate links and help friends get set up as well so they can earn Bitcoin easily as well.


I did a tremendous amount of reading 2 years ago when I first discovered some of the simple ways to earn Bitcoin. I found lots of scams and cheap apps that I believe just capture your data and sell it to advertisers. The above apps I have either used for 1-2+ years or I have heard of people I respect (like Preston Pysh who mentioned hodl hodl) talk about them. I hope this was a very detailed and informative way for you to approach earning Bitcoin quickly and easily! Thanks!