How I earned over $3,000 in Bitcoin

Ok, I just wanted to take 10 minutes and make this SUPER easy for you all. If you are not sure where to start here are 7 easy ways to easily earn bitcoin. You don’t have to start purchasing, get some for free and learn more!


1. Fold – One of my favorite apps for my phone to earn bitcoin is the Fold app. The reason I love Fold is because I get 1.5%-20% back on all gift card purchases in bitcoin. If you shop at Amazon, Nike, or Chipotle among MANY other vendors. I have personally already saved over $250 within a few months! You can Register and Join Fold Here and get 30,000 SATS for Free!

2. At Blockfi I get the most earnings, what I love about Blockfi is that they pay out up to 8.6% yearly on deposits of cryptocurrency. Blockfi is a high interest yield savings account for me where I earn compound interest on my crypto. You can deposit Bitcoin (btc), Ethereum (eth), Litecoin (ltc), USD Coin (USDC) and Gemini Dollar (GUSD). Next you elect to earn your interest in btc, eth or usdc. While having a 3rd party hold your coins is against the ethos of the decentralized nature of bitcoin, I personally keep a portion of my holdings in the account to make passive income on my BTC! You can Register and Join Blockfi Here and earn $10 in BTC once you deposit $100 in BTC and hold until the next interest payment

3. Lolli – Do you shop online? Well why not earn Free Bitcoin while doing it? It is as simple as installing the lolli extension on your browser, you then shop the web and Lolli will alert you when you are shopping on one of their 500+ partner stores. You can earn up to 30% back in bitcoin rewards! I have literally saved hundreds of dollars with Lolli, this is my favorite bitcoin chrome extension. Join Lolli here and get $10 of free bitcoin today.

4. Coinbase is an easy way to get $10 in free Bitcoin once you buy or sell $100 in crypto. Coinbase is one of the top exchanges for buying and selling bitcoin. Register at Coinbase Here.

5. Sign up for Gemini and get $10 in free bitcoin with your first purchase.

I recently removed and honeyminer because i dislike their service after long usage and personally do not recommend them.

Get started today and earn some bitcoin. Use my referral links above that I linked up and get started easily! If you do want to hold your own coins in your own wallet I recommend trust wallet or green wallet (for a hot wallet) or trezor or cold card (for a cold storage solution). If you have any questions feel free to hit me up on social or via my form. Thanks!