Learn About the Lightning Network (helpful videos)

Bitcoin and the Lightning Network are two of the most impactful payment protocols ever made. The way these technologies were created may be complex, but there is a wealth of information available on how they work. If you are new to Lightning and want to learn more and are not sure where to start, that is ok! We have put together a few great videos and playlists below to help understand more about what the Lightning Network is, why it is important, and how it works. Here are some great videos worth saving and sharing with someone new to Lightning.

The Bitcoin Lightning Network – Simply Explained – 5:33

Elizabeth Stark – The Importance of Layer 2 – 14:15

El Salvador, First country to declare Bitcoin Legal Tender

Lightning Series: Mastering Lightning with Andreas M. Antonopoulos & René Pickhardt

And if you made it this far and are one of the individuals who are passionate about supporting the Lightning Network and learning how to ear passively via node profitability you can learn more below. Lightning Labs uploaded a twitter spaces with Erin Malon and members of the Plebnet community. You can listen below.

Lightning 101: Node Profitability feat PLEBNET