Bitcoin Fixes This #122 w/ Jimmy Song, Parker Lewis, and Bobby Shell

I had the opportunity to speak with Jimmy Song and Parker Lewis about Small Businesses and #Bitcoin – This was a great conversion. The importance of small business ownership and Bitcoin ownership in America is more important than ever. Available on YouTube, Spotify, X and Apple Podcasts. Youtube: Spotify: Apple Podcasts: X: […]

Is Bitcoin a good investment in 2024?

In my latest video, I break down the 7 most common questions people are asking on Youtube and Google:00:21 – Why is Bitcoin worth it? What is Bitcoin? 01:38 – How much money do you need to start in Bitcoin? 02:44 – What is the biggest argument against Bitcoin? 05:29 – What are the risks […]

Bobby Shell on Practical Liberty Podcast

In January 2024 I was on the Practical Liberty Podcast. I shared why Bitcoin is so powerful for local entrepreneurs and why SMB’s should consider Bitcoin. Also why entrepreneurshi is a key path towards keeping our communities local and creating a thriving future for our children Youtube: Rumble: Apple:

Bobby Shell on Stephan Livera

On December 18th, I spoke with Stephan Livera as to why acquisition entrepreneurship and starting businesses is one of the most important actions we can take as individuals and bitcoiners. We also discuss why Bitcoin matters for SMB owners and entrepreneurs. Both are very important and there are many intersections.

Easy to Understand: Why Bitcoin Thesis

Introduction: Understanding the Value of Bitcoin As someone who deeply believes in Bitcoin, I’d like to share some objective reasons why it’s considered one of the smartest assets you could hold for yourself, your family, and your children. This might sound far-fetched, but let’s dive into why Bitcoin matters. Beyond its rising popularity, Bitcoin represents […]

Bitcoin and AI: Solving a $30 Billion Challenge

AI’s Financial Hurdles: Chargebacks and Accessibility The world of Artificial Intelligence (AI), similar to traditional businesses, faces a significant financial challenge: chargebacks, which cost over $30 billion annually. This issue is compounded by the fact that AI models, including popular ones like Mid-Journey or ChatGPT, necessitate credit card payments for operation. The situation worsens when […]

The Bitcoin-AI Nexus: A Glimpse Into The Future

🚀 Brace yourselves! Ai4ALL, a brainchild of Fedi and Stak, unveiled an extraordinary hackathon, poised to reshape how Bitcoin amplifies AI accessibility. The digital storm stretched from July 1st to August 1st, brilliantly showcased on platforms like BOLT.FUN and Replit. With 173 ingenious minds presenting 44 innovative projects, the event was nothing short of groundbreaking. […]