Bobby Shell on Engineering Passive Income Podcast

LISTEN: Excerpts: “The world should never be perfectly fair in outcome because everyone’s gonna earn based on the effort they put in you’ve actually obviously busted your ass and built an incredible business as have I. Why should the guy laying on the couch eating Cheetos and get the same outcome? So the outcome […]

Voltage – Bitcoin and Lightning Infrastructure

I have been busy creating lots of content for Voltage this year as I started as VP of Marketing. If you want to keep up with most of my writing I am doing lately you can follow our blog here! – At Voltage, we are helping make Bitcoin and Lightning Nodes easy to scale […]

Learn About the Lightning Network (helpful videos)

Bitcoin and the Lightning Network are two of the most impactful payment protocols ever made. The way these technologies were created may be complex, but there is a wealth of information available on how they work. If you are new to Lightning and want to learn more and are not sure where to start, that […]

9 Common Questions about the Bitcoin Lightning Network

Today I break down 9 common questions about the Bitcoin Lightning Network! Let’s dive in! What is a lightning node? A computer that runs the Bitcoin software is referred to as a node. Your node is a customized version of the Bitcoin blockchain with its own set of rules. Consider it your own personal entry […]

How can I start mining Bitcoins?

There is often a thought that Bitcoin is too expensive, this is not true, as I explained before. This leads some users to want to start Bitcoin mining. While you can do this at home, you will almost with complete certainty not be profitable doing this at home. Rather than going into the deep reasons […]