Testing ChatGPT for content creation

This was fun. I asked the playground to write a 5 paragraph essay for me on commercial real estate. Next, I asked for more details and facts. Specifically from Marcus and Millichap. ChatGPT struggled to get me a live link that worked, both of these redirected to research pages, but i still was able to […]

9 Ways How You Can Earn Bitcoin Fast

how to earn bitcoin fast

I am going to give you 9 different ways in which you can earn bitcoin daily. Watch the video, or scroll below to read! Everyone wants to earn Bitcoin fast. There are some risky ways and some slow and steady easy ways to earn. Fast is relative. Does fast mean, earning Bitcoin daily? Or does […]

What does passive income mean?

What is passive income

Passive income is earned in a way where little or no effort is required. Passive income could be made through a rental property, a limited partnership deal, royalties, or other business venture which requires little or no effort. The benefit of passive income streams is the hands-off approach. No active management is required so you […]