Alcohol: 9 ways it’s killing your testosterone


Despite its harmful effects, many of us still consume it.

Here are 9 essential facts about alcohol:

  1. Alcohol can lead to cancer:

Alcohol isn’t just linked with cancer, it directly causes it. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that 5% of all cancers are caused by alcohol.

  1. Alcohol reduces testosterone & increases estrogen:

Notice that beer belly or man boobs? That’s alcohol at work.

  1. Alcohol damages your brain:

Alcohol leads to brain shrinkage, particularly affecting the hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for memory. It also kills brain cells.

  1. Alcohol weakens your immune system:

Alcohol consumption can lead to health issues like cancer, memory problems, and to top it all, it weakens your immunity causing frequent sickness.

  1. Alcohol harms your liver:

Liver problems are among the leading causes of death, and guess what causes them? Yes, alcohol.

  1. Alcohol disrupts your sleep:

It suppresses REM sleep, deep sleep, and disrupts your body clock. Even moderate alcohol consumption can decrease sleep efficiency by 24%.

  1. Alcohol damages your gut lining & microbiome:

Alcohol can cause a ‘leaky gut’, allowing harmful substances to enter the bloodstream. This can lead to autoimmune disorders and new allergies.

  1. Alcohol impairs decision-making skills:

Alcohol promotes poor dietary decisions and slows down your metabolism, creating a vicious cycle of unhealthy habits.

  1. Moderation is key:

Despite these facts, I do enjoy a drink occasionally, but I limit it to one day a week, mostly Saturdays, and try not to do it more than twice a month. Frankly, I try to avoid it at all costs as it takes away from my real high, which is family, working out, and getting stronger.

Decide for yourself knowing the facts.

To summarize:

Alcohol poses threats to your health in various ways, including damaging your liver, disrupting sleep, killing brain cells, diminishing will power, reducing testosterone, weakening the immune system, and harming gut health.

If you’re a drinker, consider these points. Thanks for your time!