Brandolini’s Law: bullshit asymmetry principle

Learning abut Brandolini’s Law was a valuable lesson for me this year. Shout out to American Hodl for sharing this in a clubhouse room. I was able to further read/learn and apply this internet adage to my own life and leverage it at work to overcome a challenging experience with a client. Quick story and breakdown below.

Brandolini’s law, also known as the bullshit asymmetry principle, is an internet adage that emphasizes the difficulty of debunking false, facetious, or otherwise misleading information:”The amount of energy needed to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude larger than to produce it.”

^ In the video above I break down the experience we had with a new client who got an email from a 3rd party claiming things that were not 100% factual. A 5-7 minute email took us over 2 hours to overcome.