How can I start mining Bitcoins?

There is often a thought that Bitcoin is too expensive, this is not true, as I explained before. This leads some users to want to start Bitcoin mining. While you can do this at home, you will almost with complete certainty not be profitable doing this at home. Rather than going into the deep reasons why it is incredibly hard to be profitable mining at home, I want to give you a few resources to 1) Learn about mining from experts 2) companies you can partner with to mine 3) people live live and breathe mining daily who are great to keep tabs on. Lets dig in .

Great resources to learn about Bitcoin Mining

There are some great thought leaders in Bitcoin Mining I would encourage you to follow and keep up with as they share great content and demystify what is going on. Links are below:

Great Bitcoin Mining Hosting Companies you can use to start mining

There are also a few great Bitcoiners on Twitter you can connect follow and learn about Bitcoin Mining and follow their journey, here are their links below:

Also follow some of the Bitcoin Mining Companies on twitter as well for other perspective:

If you have not caught the drift. You need to make a twitter to stay up to date with what’s going on in Bitcoin mining and the Bitcoin community. You will find some enjoyment. If you do join, follow me and say hi.

Long term, it is likely going to be smarter to DCA (dollar cost average) Bitcoin if you want to build a Bitcoin stack. Bitcoin mining is very competitive and hard to do. Best of luck!