What is the minimum investment you can make in Bitcoin?

This is a great question. Many people are under the impression that Bitcoin is too expensive, or not affordable. There is a belief that $10 or $20 purchases in Bitcoin are not good or not enough. Believe it or not, those small purchases add up in an incredible way over time. If you set consistent buys, daily, weekly, or monthly at a fixed amount, over time you actually build a substantial stack of Bitcoin.

Stephan Livera and Friar Hass talking about the power of DCA

One amazing thing mentioned in this podcast, was, if you dollar cost averaged (DCA) $10 a day since 2018, you would have invested a total of $7,000 and you would own an ENTIRE BITCOIN. Every single person reading this can find a way to spare $10 a day to set up a DCA plan. You can either spend less on typically keeping up with the joneses bullshit, or get a little side hustle, maybe a part-time job, and hustle your ass to owning 1 whole Bitcoin. EVERY SATOSHI MATTERS.

It really starts with a commitment. The minimum investment needed to start with Bitcoin is an investment in the mentality to commit to a dollar-cost average plan. Do not let your own ego or self-sabotaging negativity stop you from DCA stacking and beating these Wallstreet assholes to owning the greatest asset on freakin planet earth. FULL STOP.

YOU CAN BUY $1 or $100