When does Bitcoin stop mining?

Recently I covered when Bitcoin halves, and how the block subsidy breaks down over the next 119 years or so until all Bitcoin has been mined. Every 10 minutes a new Bitcoin block is created which contains new Bitcoin. We will hit a threshold where all 21 million Bitcoin is mined in 2140. Bitcoin has a disinflationary asset model which over time slows the pace of total Bitcoin entering circulation. As of today, 89.287% of all Bitcoin is mined, you can track this in real-time, here.

Bitcoins’ disinflationary model is unlike the Federal Reserves monetary policy which sounds a bit like this. “BRRRRRR”

One cool fact is that over 99% of Bitcoin will be mined by the year 2040! Bitcoin was built where there is zero need for a centralized party to determine to change when and how Bitcoin should be served by blocks into the marketplace. This is what makes the Bitcoin protocol such a beautiful thing and creates confidence in the Bitcoin network.

When there is no hard cap of supply of an asset, it is hard to truly understand its value and to know how much any one individual owns.

TLDR; Bitcoin stops mining in the year of 2140.

If you have not read The Bitcoin Standard, you should. It is an eye-opening book that talks about the history of money, manipulation, and what led us over the last thousand years to have hard, sound money.