How to kill debt, create a vision, and stack sats (short term pain)

Yo, so this blog isn’t at all optimized for Google to help new Bitcoiners answer common questions like I’ve been doing. This is some real talk from the heart. I have a hand full of friends I have orange pilled over the last couple of years, and many of them have had to sell their Bitcoin at a certain point because “life happens” or unexpected bills or debt shows up that they couldn’t predict or control. That is a shitty situation for anyone. I feel like a lot of people are not 100% clear on how to prepare for that. Or, they do not know how to gameplan so they can stack as many sats as possible as we enter hyper bitcoinization. I want to break down my thought process on how I got out of massive debt, and how I took a 3-6 month approach of head down, hard as work to get caught up, have zero debt, and be free from slavery shackles of this damn world. IT’S QUITE SIMPLE. It just takes effort most people think is crazy


You like most people have either college debt, credit card bills, a car payment, or not enough cash saved for an unexpected bill that shows up. The age-old saying is “have 3 months or 6 months of income in savings”. But this is hard to do with one W2 while paying down debt.

What I did in college and post-college was crazy to some folks, but honestly gave me a massive head start I believe to have the ability to do whatever I wanted. I went in and worked two W2 jobs, which was about 80 hours a week, and I would take overtime when I could so that I could pay off all my debt, and build a bankroll of savings so that I could quit my second job after 4-6 months and just work one W2.

MOST PEOPLE ARE NOT WILLING TO DO THIS. Most folks are not humble enough to just do work for a short period of time to end the stress of debt. The stress of debt is far worse than doing the work IMO.

Consider this. Once you have zero debt, and let’s say $5,000 saved in the bank, how does that make you feel? I think this is completely attainable by single people who do not have a family. I get it is harder for parents, but if you are a single young person, you need to kill debt and build some savings.

Right now businesses are having a hard time getting American’s to work. I personally see this as a massive opportunity. You could be the rare species who gets the 2 jobs, and if you can kick ass and find a way to rise up, you may even earn a leadership position which long term allows you to earn even more than you would have otherwise! Consider that!

Let’s talk stacking sats

Young people believe in Bitcoin more than they do the dollar. I was even told today by an organization how elderly people are looking to buy Bitcoin, so they can pass it down to their grandkids because they know the dollar is dying! The dollar is shit!

It is imperative for every single person to get out of debt and find a way to own Bitcoin.

It is a scam that people are sold the idea that saving money is wise, and we are not educated about inflation or the history of currencies failing due to their governments printing money nonstop when our economies struggle. This is why Bitcoin is so damn important! It can not be debased or printed. The monetary policy is LOCKED IN!

Every single American must create a savings plan to stack sats and protect their future wealth and personal time. If you have zero game plan and are holding your money in dollars, you are slow dancing on a sinking ship. You must have a game plan to kill debt, and have enough in the bank to hold over for a couple months, and then have a Bitcoin stack.

Imagine waking up in 5-7 years, institutions and sovereign nations own most of the Bitcoin, hyperbitcoinization is happening and you down even own 1-10 million sats.

Do not be a job slave. Find a way to end your debt, boost your 3-6 month savings, and build a sat stacking strategy.

It is very hard for people to imagine how Bitcoin will be leveraged in the future to earn yield, or the strength that Bitcoin will have in terms of creating prosperity. This thing is developing quietly and faster than people realize. Get to stacking.

Ok, I will send this rant for now.