Technology improves the customer experience. Technology is deflationary. (Thanks Jeff Booth)

I want to make a statement about our current monetary policy, the job markets, the future of job demands, and where needs are in the marketplace

I was told yesterday by someone with more experience than me that “technology does not improve customer experience.” I could not disagree more, here is why.

When technology creates more time for human capital, this is what can improve customer experience. Employees having time to focus and not live fast-paced like the world demands is very important. Giving our team members time to think critically is key for future growth and success.

Time is our most valuable asset. Time is often hard to quantify due to the fact that time can only be best measured by technology, typically.

Time is often stripped of an individual in the workforce due to “processes, red tape, or bureaucracy” as one of my colleagues put it.

The reason individuals need freedom not only in government, our daily jobs, and our home lives is that independent thought, creativity, and the personal process is EXACTLY what creates innovation.

We need to create environments in which we all can think and live authentically to create better results for your clients/customers.

We create technology to be deflationary, but we also stifle creative thinking which when less stifled, could make our technology smarter in order to serve our clients and customers.

My intention in writing this is that I hope we require less technology to measure what is obvious. Our intuition must be leveraged, afterall, it is what has helped advance our technology.