“No problem” – Why this phrase is the worst customer service term ever!

The psychology of the words we use is not discussed enough in business. My dad shared an incredible tip with me when I was younger that I want to share with everyone.

Do not say “No problem” Here is why!

When you say “no problem” subconsciously it makes people feel like somehow in another case or scenario it could be a problem. There is better language to use such as “my pleasure”, or “I am happy to serve you”, or “I am glad to help”.

How do these other words make you feel?

– Pleasure

– Happy

– Glad


– Problem

Pretty cut and clear would you not agree? This is a no brainer and something that I think slips the minds of so many entrepreneurs. My dad told me this story before from a restaurant experience he had, and how it made him feel. I respect my father because in his 37+ year sales career he has always been in the top .01-1% of all roles, and he had a degree in psychology. This lesson he taught me really hit home. I hope this made an impact on you today. Thanks!